How to Improve Your Personality

You might be wondering how to improve your personality. Thankfully, we have 10 handy tips for you to do just that. Don’t worry, you won’t be a wallflower for long!

10 Ways How to Improve Your Personality

  1. You’ll want to be a good listener. Far too often, we have one of those friends who always takes and never gives. Yours aren’t the only problems in the world; take the time to stop and listen to the stories, the praises, and the concerns of your friends and family.
  2. Know how to engage in the conversation. Don’t mumble your replies and don’t reach for your phone, either. Ask questions, be interested, stay plugged in and notice how much more others will want to be around someone who is interesting to talk to.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Too often we hide our true selves from others, but if you want people to get to know you, you’ll have to come out of your shell. It’s okay to be a little weird or awkward; aren’t we all?
  4. Find the humor, don’t always be so gloomy. People love to be around the bright and sunny personality. While that might not describe your demeanor as a rule, there is something to be said about dark humor too, and finding those friends who appreciate it.
  5. Always be respectful. No one likes a rude jerk, that’s just a fact of life. Make it a point to go out of your way to be respectful, open doors, use decent language, smile, and look people in the eye.
  6. Be a supportive friend. Don’t disappear whenever your friends or family need you. Be the first one to offer your help, assistance, or support and never go back on your word.
  7. One way to expand ourselves and our knowledge is to step out of our comfort zone and do new things we wouldn’t normally do. Try a weird food, go for a short jog, learn a foreign language. You just might learn something new about yourself.
  8. Stay positive! Don’t be so down in the dumps all the time, try to find the good in every situation and circumstance. Maybe you can be the light that shines into someone else’s darkness.
  9. Take time for yourself. So often we don’t nurture ourselves and have times of self-care. This is vital in recharging your battery so that you can face the world all over again.
  10. Practice kindness. This goes hand-in-hand with being respectful toward others but takes it one step further. Give a little happiness to someone else by being genuinely kind and not fake.

What it All Boils Down To

In order to know how to improve your personality, you have to be willing to do some hard work. People gravitate to those who have an easy way about them, a kind smile, and a good conversation. If you can exude these traits to others, you’ll have no trouble at all being the life of the party!

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