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Many theorists believe that the world we see around us is nothing but a manifestation of whatever is revolving in our collective minds. There have been many movies and lore that depict demons and angels being nothing more than manifestations of our emotions and feelings. That said we tried to find out the best manifestation methods to help you achieve what you want your world to be.

Manifestation, in short, is defined as nothing more than realizing one’s thoughts and seeing them in your reality. They are a physical version of everything that is in your mind. In short, meditating on something to bring it to fruition, such as getting good grades in exams or getting that dunk is manifestation done right. 

Best manifestation methods you should know about:

Manifestation is easier said than done. Regardless of these things, we have compiled a list of the best manifestation methods that you should know about right now: 

Using a vision board:

One of the best manifestation methods is using an effective vision board to figure out what you are trying to manifest. 

  • A vision board is a simple board that allows its user to build a collage of words that can activate the Law of Attraction. It works on a very simple mechanism: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. 
  • A vision board is truly a miraculous piece of mechanism that works for almost everyone. 
  • For a vision board to reach its best manifestation methods potential, you will want to put a lot of images and texts into the vision board that you think are important. 

Put the vision board somewhere you can see it every day, as well as prompt yourself to visualize your ideal life regularly. Afterwards, this visualization can help you improve your subconscious mind’s creative power on a daily basis. 

Gratitude Journal:

Many philosophers and even most thought-processes argue that life is only as bad as you imagine it to be. If your mind is negative, no matter how many positive things happen around you, you will never be gratuitous of those things. 

  • Our society emphasizes the bad things over good things too. If you do a thousand good things but somehow manage to make a mistake and commit a bad thing once, you will forever be branded by that bad. 
  • You cannot change others, but you can change your world’s manifestation by changing yourself.
  • A gratitude journal is one of the best manifestation methods because it allows you to keep a track of all the good things in life. 

To use a gratitude journal, you will be basically writing every day about every good thing that happens that day. You can be gratuitous about even the smallest of things. When you start being grateful for even a minor thing, your brain automatically starts focusing on the good things in life, instead of the bad ones. This is the best sort of manifestation we can find anywhere. 

Give more than receiving:

Many people believe in the spiral of happiness: if you make someone else happy, you are bound to become happier as well. Though some do think that karma does not exist, there is no doubt that people do get returns for what good or bad things they do in life. 

Even though humans are extremely greedy creatures, once we learn to overcome that nature, we learn that we become happier by giving instead of taking. This is one of the easiest and best manifestation methods available in the world. 

Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Do your friend a favor but never think of wanting anything in return. This way, when your friend does return the favor, you will become happier.
  • Volunteer at anything. Volunteering can help build useful experience as well as help you understand how to be more compassionate towards other human beings. 
  • Teach people. Knowledge is a never-ending struggle. The more you teach, the more knowledge you receive. 
  • Clean up after yourself and others – if you see someone throwing litter on the ground, pick it up and throw it in the dustbin. 

Writing a letter to your future self:

All of us think in either the future or the past. We almost never think of what we are doing in the present. Because we have been programmed to think about our future, and what things we could do later, we never return to the present. 

  • Writing a letter to your future self is an interesting test because it can help you figure out what exactly you want from your future.
  • When writing the letter, you can help sympathize with yourself in that future, and stop putting unreal expectations of them. 

Since thinking something and manifesting it are completely different things, manifesting your expectations of the future can help you find a way to break the chain and stop blaming yourself should something happen along the way. 

Thinking outside the box:

Many people tell you to think outside the box, but not many teach you how to do so. Thinking outside the box is one of the best manifestation methods available anywhere because you won’t have to worry about fulfilling anyone’s expectations.

  • Sometimes, we view life as one of the biggest obstacles, but only because we are unable to find any way out.
  • Sometimes the way out isn’t one of the paths that life gives us, but a path we make for ourselves. 
  • For example, if you are trying to get through a maze in real life, there is no rule that you cannot cut through the walls – if there is a way.

There is nothing that says you cannot dig underground and find the shortest path to the destination from there. Life is like that too. Sometimes, we get trapped by all the bad things that are happening to us. 

By consistently trying to think outside the box, people become better thinkers; they are able to come up with new strategies and puzzle-solving skills faster and overall become better at coordinating their plans with their skillset. 

We hope that this simple article on the best manifestation methods has helped you. The spiral of happiness truly exists, but only if we are willing to put in the effort. 

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