A complete guide on how we can do self-improvement in an effective way

The word “motivation” when talking about self-improvement has become so over-used that we have lost sight of what it is supposed to provide. Companies, educational institutes, and celebrities are cashing in on the word. 

The word “motivation” generically refers to finding the effort and energy to do something.

Motivation is nothing more than a manifestation of things that keep you going. The most effective method of self-improvement is through self motivation.

Things you need to do to do self-improvement:

We have compiled a complete guide on how you can use self-motivation as a means of self-improvement and its various benefits.

1.    Yin-yang your motivation levels:

The human body can only survive if there is a complete balance between everything. Similarly, the human mind can also only survive if it is incomplete harmony and balance. The concept of motivation is broken down into two main parts: self-motivation and external motivation. 

Getting a healthy balance between the two is the best way to improve yourself. Self motivation refers to all motivation that one gets from themselves. It is the most potent form of motivation. 

External motivation is the motivation that you get from factors that are not directly linked to you. Some of the best mediums of external motivation include your family members, close friends, motivational speakers, movies, videos and even songs. 

How to get the best motivation?

Both self motivation and external motivation have their benefits and flaws. For example, getting external motivation is very easy, especially in this day and age, because of how many motivational videos are available right on YouTube – but this external motivation does not last. 

However, self motivation is very hard to achieve because it takes considerable effort, self-control, and a clear manifestation of one’s will. But where it is hard to achieve, it lasts. Many successful people are self-motivated and can only improve more than others because of this secret. 

2.    Give yourself time:

Humans are creatures who are best known to succeed when they are given their full mental prowess. Because of the pandemic, we have researched a fair bit of what people have done in the past during the plague and found out that Isaac Newton shone during the Bubonic Plague of 1665. 

Isaac Newton is one of the biggest names in the world of Physics, mainly because of his amazing Newton’s Equation of Motions and various other equations in the world of mathematics.

  • Many people do not know that Newton was able to derive most of his currently acclaimed equations because he had to be locked at home during the plague.
  • In the year following the lockdown, Newton became the face of physics for hundreds of years. 
  • If you genuinely want to become the actual manifestation of the best version of yourself, you would benefit the most from giving yourself the time you need.

Tricks that might help

Here are a few tricks that might help you:

  • Dedicate time for yourself, be it in the morning or in the evening. No, sleeping by yourself does not count. 
  • When you give yourself, focus entirely on yourself, not on the drama around you or the things that are going wrong.  
  • Ensure that no one else is disturbing you during this time. Whether it be ten minutes or an hour, try to dedicate as much time for yourself as possible.
  • While you dedicate your time, do not feel bad, for you deserve time for yourself if you truly want to improve.

3.    Meditation is the key to self-improvement:

We are not trying to become one of those weird monks who believe that everything relies on chakra, but we genuinely believe that you will never improve on your own until you make peace with yourself. 

Your brain is your greatest asset, and if you are not using it right, you will never be able to become the force you promised yourself you would become. 

  • Meditation allows you to unlock all states of your mind and truly optimize yourself so you can start becoming the person of tomorrow today.
  • Meditation can also allow your brain to defragment itself and to sort out its memories and doubts. 
  • Most of the time, when we are unable to perform a task properly, it is because our brain is indirectly thrown somewhere else.
  • If you ever experience yourself thinking about a thing you did a few years ago while driving or doing something autonomous, you might suffer from a fragmented memory. 

By meditation, one can learn to embrace the stuff that has happened in the past, and use those regrets and memories for the better. Instead of thinking about the “what if’s”, you will start thinking about “I am going to”. 

4.    Stay in the present:

While many people may tell you to plan in the future if you truly want to improve, we would go out a limb and say that staying in the present may be the best thing you could ever do for yourself. 

If you want to go for self improvement:

  1. Learn to stay in the present.
  2. Instead of planning what you could be doing tomorrow, go with the flow and do what you can today.
  3. Stop throwing stuff to tomorrow. 

5.    Day or night does not matter for self-improvement!

Even if it is way past midnight, and you are reading this from the comfort of your blanket, this does not mean that you cannot start right now. If you have the energy, get up, and start working on that one thing you wanted to work on. 

Learn to start as soon as you get the energy to move. The thing about being motivated to do something is that you never know when that motivation will vanish away. If reading this gives you the energy to start doing something good for tomorrow, nothing is stopping you from doing all of that today. In fact, we want you to start today. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope that this simple guide on how you can use self-motivation as a manifestation of self-improvement and various other tips has helped you. If you need other tips, you can take a look at our database of Youtube videos

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